About DFOT

The Apostolate of the Returning King is a new movement in the Catholic Church that calls people to greater personal unity with Jesus Christ. Jesus calls this a Rescue Mission for souls which involves people accepting their call to personal holiness and service in the Church. This Rescue Mission began in 2003 when Jesus asked Anne, a lay apostle, to begin recording messages from heaven to the world through a process called interior locution. Anne has recorded ten Volumes, twenty small booklets, several books, and almost eight years of monthly 

Direction for Our Times is the non-profit organization that was set up to promote and disseminate the writings of The Apostolate of the Returning King. The apostolate and its writings are reaching people in every corner of the world. The Volumes impact people of all ages at a profound level – bringing some back to Christ, helping others to deepen their faith and also attracting new people to our Catholic Church. The writings of the apostolate promote personal holiness by drawing people into a closer relationship with God through prayer and also through a greater understanding of the richness of the Sacramental life.

This is accomplished by spreading the spirituality of the Volumes, by setting an example of Christianity in the middle of the world through our work, prayer and example. Additionally, the apostolate promotes a co-responsible laity because it is spread through the tireless efforts of lay apostles who actively serve by leading prayer groups in their churches and homes, distributing the Volumes and booklets and also representing the movement in their parishes and dioceses.