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Staying in Place, Recovery in the Church by Anne, a lay apostle
A new book filled with Anne’s clear and thought-provoking writing is waiting for you! Staying in Place, Recovery in the Church is filled with important considerations regarding the role of a co-responsible laity charged with representing the Gospel Message. Our personal relationship with God can only be enhanced by the rich treatment found in the writing on the mind of God, which compels us to become even more thoughtful in a time of distraction. How many of us have asked ourselves how to present God to those Catholics who find themselves in challenging circumstances? What are God’s goals for this time and for us, as we try to know Him better and better? How do we recover from wounds when people in the Church hurt us or misrepresent God? This book begins and ends with powerful locutions from Jesus, Who asks us, “How will you know if you are part of the recovery process? Perhaps you can contemplate the following questions.
Do you suffer to remain in service to God? Do you see clearly that without effort, God’s Church will diminish in scope? Do you feel pain for those who have sought the Savior but have been turned away by the human issues of a troubled Church? Are you suffering the uncertainty of change and the persecution that accompanies reform? Is your contribution to God’s Church on Earth costing you?”
Considering these questions might cause us all to pause and reflect on the need to stay in place for Christ. Staying in Place, Recovery in the Church has been granted an Imprimatur by Bishop Leo O’Reilly. The Imprimatur was granted on the last full day of the Year of Mercy. This book describes a way forward into the mercy obtained by our prayers last year. The Year of Mercy, after all, is meant to announce a new time for offering God’s mercy. We are at the beginning of this job, not the end. Topics inside this book include: • 2014 Church Visions • The Church in the Individual • Expectations • A Church of Attrition? • Grace in Various Circumstances• Examining our Interactions with those who have left the Sacramental Life • In Defense of the Sacramental Life • Peter – Love • Diminished Accountability • The Mind of God
Excerpts from Staying in Place “The growth of My Church on Earth remains intimately connected to Heaven…Prayer allows Me to lower from Heaven the plan for renewal and recovery. You see, dear apostles, recovery is needed and recovery is happening” (Jesus, October 24, 2016). "When one is resistant to this desire by God to adapt continually in the world in order to comfort and direct His children, one then begins to create human structures of function. Humanity, when stuck spiritually, can only attempt to recreate limitation. Humanity, when stuck spiritually, will always try to pin God to the floor, as if to say, “Now stop moving, God, so I can get on with the exercise of my will, my way, and use Your name to do it." God simply flows out and around, searching always for a like-minded soul, willing to dynamically incorporate truth with Him and for Him. God will never be pinned" (Anne, a lay apostle, Pages 173-174). -An excerpt from The Mind of God
“For people to receive God’s mercy they simply have to turn toward Him. God’s mercy cannot be limited. In prayer and contemplation, it would seem that there is no exquisite point where we, through the greatest compliance, become most worthy of the mercy of God. We can be intensely pleasing to God in moments of integrity, even if we are outside of our faith practice. Could that be a wrong statement? Does God reject acts of virtue because a person has not yet fully accepted all teachings, or achieved full compliance with all teachings?” (Anne, a lay apostle, Page 64) -An excerpt from Grace in Various Circumstances
“Most of the people who have left our faith practice do not return during their life time. This is our family’s reality. But some do return. And others attempt to return but feel barred. Why is this? What kind of welcome home are we offering to people who have been outside of faith practice for many years? Are we considering their wounds to the correct degree? Are our expectations of them realistic? Do we accept that often incorrect formation, inadequate formation or absolute misrepresentation of the Gospel may have been what drove them out in the first place? Are we curious enough about their stories? Interested in their suffering? Or do we spout the ‘rules’ mechanically, advising them of what we think they need to do in order to be part of our family again?” (Anne, Page 87)
-An excerpt from Examining Our Interaction with Those who have Left the Sacramental Life “I concluded that the highest way to ‘plumb’ the mysteries of Heaven and God remains through the sacramental life. The sacramental life offers us communion with the Divine Life in Heaven. This communion is likely less available without the sacraments. If people understood the sacraments, they would never leave. They would be willing to stay in place and do battle, against themselves and others for reform in the Church” (Anne, Page 92).
-An excerpt from In Defense of the Sacramental Life “The Popes are not politicians. We must often listen to him and contemplate the Spirit which prompts him, as much as the words. If the Vicar of Christ is trying to adjust the heading or pointing to an obvious or subtle correction, we would want to be listening carefully.” (Anne, Page 94) -An excerpt from In Defense of the Sacramental Life “In terms of same-sex attraction, much of our Catholic public dialogue has served to further traumatize people who already feel concern or who have had to ask themselves real questions about their sexuality. Are these people radically different? Or are they mostly the same? More the same than different, perhaps? Well then maybe we should get on with inclusivity, understanding that we all need to engage with the highest transformation with regard to our sexuality” (Anne, Page 66). -An excerpt from Grace in Various Circumstances “The goal of co-responsibility must be advanced with all speed. Most of our faith community is non-practicing. Again, people say, loftily, “That is their choice.” But why is it their choice? Certainly people come and go in their process of development and the Church is waiting to receive us all back when we identify that craving for God which nothing else can satisfy. But there should also be honest appraisal of the experience of the vulnerable amongst us. The same- sex attraction people, the irregular union people, the people overburdened by distortion and scrupulosity in their primary formation. ‘We’ have hurt people. ‘We’ should accept the guilt for that and try harder to represent the Gospel Message more accurately. It is immature of us to judge people for leaving something that may have become damaging to them” (Anne, Pages 76-77). -An excerpt from Grace in Various Circumstances
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